Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Dian Nitami Beauliful Indonesia Artist

Dian Nitami or Nitami popular with the name of Dian Nitami is a model, actress and star sinetron widescreen as well as TV presenter. Dian Nitami is also known as the wife of Anjasmara sinetron actor, who was married for 17 Junes 1999, unknown.

Woman with two children, in the manner in which she said was taken in a number of entertainment activities, including the Master of Ceremonies for the parties' Video Music Indonesia RCTI "(1997 - 2001)," Entrepreneur New Image "and" Marie France Body Line "event.

A series of ads presented its face as Lux Mild, "Laserin, Lipovitan, cosmetics Cempaka, juice of ABC, and others. The film that was painted, among other things," ART, DAN PERWIRA Kshatriya, ATAS Bawah boleh boleh "and" Valentine ", and dozens of sinetron back in various TV stations.

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